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Shown above:  Better Homes creates this chalk board coat rack by  using a recycled frame.   A great way to display different objects or ideas is an old window frame.  Below: from decorandyouhr.com shows a fantastic way to create a coffee table.  You have the ability to build this by using an old recycled window frame which can be easily found at a flea market or antique store.  Next build your base and decorate the interior any way you please. One can change the items from season to season or display personal items, the options are endless.


Or if you’re just looking to be nostalgic you can try and put some personal or historic pictures in the frame for display.  Show here below from Bride.ca.com one couple takes this idea to display family wedding pictures at their own wedding.  The wear and tear I think adds to the character of the frame making it one of a kind~



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