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Baby Chic

Gone is the age of the blue and pink baby nurseries.  A friend of mine just gave birth to her new little girl and during her pregnancy I started noticing more and more baby nurseries are “tres chic”.  I’m loving the sophisticated look of these nurseries.

Benjamin Moore Paint

The idea of having such a classic and less “foo-fooey” room means not having to change it as the child grows and becomes more timeless through the child’s life.  Also don’t forget if you’re ever looking to re-sell your home it gives a nicer impression than giraffes and elephants on the wall.


Grey & White Nursery

Or how about the neutral gray & white?  Don’t know if you’re having a boy or girl?  Well Design with white and grey and once the baby is born you can accessorize with pillows, lamp shades, throw blankets, wall art, you name it for the direction you choose once the baby is born.

Grey & Yellow- apartment therapy

The modern baby has moved past the zoo animals and cotton candy colors blue and pink.  Today we’re sporting the sophisticated and stylized baby chic!


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