Clocks are no longer your grandfathers, but rather anything that inspires you.  Clocks are a great reason for some new wall art.  The above clock display not only lets you show off one piece of of work, but twelve instead.


Disguising the average clock into a piece of contemporary art is another way to show the time, but without the clutter of numbers.


Short on cash?  Create your own piece of work for a low cost giving it the special touch that incorporates your sense of taste and style.


Light It Up

Who doesn’t love the warm cozy feel one gets around the holidays when the lights are lit up? Why not have that warmth of lighting year round?  Strand lights are no longer just for the holidays.  They are inexpensive and can be used in so many great ways.

Using strand lights  not only help with dim-lit lighting in the bedroom, but can become the focal point in place of your head board.

Remembering that strand lights have evolved there are countless options when deciding to string up for some simple lighting that will warm up any indoor or outdoor atmosphere. Start stringing it up~

Cotton magnolias, chiffon peonies and lace flowers are the makings of beautiful handmade bouquets that will last a lifetime.  The above bouquet made by Innstyches on Etsy.com.

These bouquets are so versatile that you can incorporate you party colors or a family broach that is dear to your heart. This is such a creative use of fabric and allows for such a custom look.  You may not want to wear your mothers outdated dress, but by incorporating some of the lace from it in your bouquet will make it much more special.

Seen here from L’Oca Nera- Living in Excellence you can see how easily fabric flower designs can bring such a realistic and three dimensional look that won’t die after a week.

Fairy Houses

What is it about the fantasy and mythical idea of fairies or make believe that brings out our inner child?  For anyone, at any age we can explore and create with the most available resource – nature.  The beauty of creating your own fairy house is that there is no wrong way to create one.

This particular site was cultivated from natural materials found right in the surrounding area.  The more natural the materials the better the house can blend into it’s natural habitat.  This fairy house was situated in the woods for a more believable setting, but you can also keep your houses in plain site for passer-byes.

Happy fairy hunting~

When thinking of ways to plant raised flower beds there are many unique ways to incorporate new ideas.  I’m working to plant my first “raised-bed” vegetable garden this spring and was looking for planter ideas.  The wooden boxes are a nice find when helping sort your different veggies.  This idea also helps with mobility as they are  not too large to maneuver if need be.

I’m looking at new ways to create a raised bed that also creates interest for the eye while also allowing your plants to grow.  The options are endless~

Glass Spheres

Hand blown glass mixed with lighting makes for an interesting display.  Something about glass and it’s transparency lets light flow in mysterious and illuminating ways.  Lighting for most can be a challenge.  Lighting is usually a standard or permanent fixture in a space — not something that can get changed out easily every 6 months.  Picking the lighting that will suit you and your space can be challenging.  My philosophy is to get something you are going to personally enjoy being it’s going to be there for a while.

I recently stayed at the Hilton Garden Inn in Portland, Maine. When first entering the main lobby I couldn’t help but notice the beautiful glass blown sphere chandelier suspended from above.  The use of such a fragile material integrated in an industrial way gives a certain strength and presence to this piece~

What’s Your Mood?

Olioboard- Create interior design moodboards while discovering fresh new products online.  There are over 150,000+ products, save your favourites, create visual moodboards and shop all at one location. It’s interior design made easy.

This was a great new site created for anyone not just designers.  The great thing about having a moodboard is the ability to find things that inspire and make you feel good inside.  Olioboard gives you the ability to pull certain items together and view them in conjunction with one anther.  You are also able to find new products and design trends you might have never stumbled across.

Designers have been creating these inspiration boards by hand for years…now anyone, anywhere can bring their dreams to realities.  Above: I took a stab at my first Olioboard…what can you come up with?

What are you waiting for?  Try it!