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Shown above:  Better Homes creates this chalk board coat rack by  using a recycled frame.   A great way to display different objects or ideas is an old window frame.  Below: from decorandyouhr.com shows a fantastic way to create a coffee table.  You have the ability to build this by using an old recycled window frame which can be easily found at a flea market or antique store.  Next build your base and decorate the interior any way you please. One can change the items from season to season or display personal items, the options are endless.


Or if you’re just looking to be nostalgic you can try and put some personal or historic pictures in the frame for display.  Show here below from Bride.ca.com one couple takes this idea to display family wedding pictures at their own wedding.  The wear and tear I think adds to the character of the frame making it one of a kind~



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Create On in 2013!

2013 Tuttie

Happy New Design Year ~2013~New ideas, inspirations and creative designs are yet to be born, but the anticipation and possibilities are endless.

Create On in 2013!

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As founder of IDY Design Services I feel it is important to improve the quality of ones life through the positive use of design.  We can apply the simple concepts of organization, function, aesthetics and a side of attitude to improve the quality of our lives.


Inspire & Create~

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Cotton magnolias, chiffon peonies and lace flowers are the makings of beautiful handmade bouquets that will last a lifetime.  The above bouquet made by Innstyches on Etsy.com.

These bouquets are so versatile that you can incorporate you party colors or a family broach that is dear to your heart. This is such a creative use of fabric and allows for such a custom look.  You may not want to wear your mothers outdated dress, but by incorporating some of the lace from it in your bouquet will make it much more special.

Seen here from L’Oca Nera- Living in Excellence you can see how easily fabric flower designs can bring such a realistic and three dimensional look that won’t die after a week.

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Ciao a tutti!


Welcome all!  I wanted to create a blog to showcase and highlight design elements and thinking that affect all of us! Design is not just for the upper-class residents that want to live in a museum, but for everyone/tutti.  Everyday we come into contact with items that have been thought about and designed by someone long before it was even produced.  Just one thought, one scribble on a napkin, or countless meetings to pick the new trendy color of the year are all manifested before the actual user (you) has even gotten to use it. The way we look at the world and how we use the items in it is so expansive and broad.  I hope to start evaluating product development, new ideas, and ways that design affects all of us! Looking forward to your feedback too~

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